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Breacher Story is an interactive fiction that was developed by Ianic Mathieu and Pavel Vitvera from Doubleton Game Studio. The game plays in real time and takes a few days to reach its dramatic conclusion. 

Throughout the experience, you engage in different conversations that let you choose your own replies using your wits, memory or cunning skill.

After exchanging a few text messages with your best friend, you receive text from an unknown individual claiming you tried to hack into his smartphone. Following a brief conversation, the guy hires you to work for his cyber-security firm. It doesn't take long for you to understand that his corporation is barely legal. Soon, you help spread viruses, scam people out of their money and talk victims into paying ransomware while your friend, fueled by the latest conspiracy theories, dives deeper into paranoia.

We've create a DEMO version. you can play 20% of the game for free.

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