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Tales of the Black Death - Italy is part of a three-part-game series.

Part 1 : Tales of the Black Death - Italy
Part 2 : Tales of the Black Death - France
Part 3 : Tales of the Black Death - England

In Tales of the Black Death - Italy the player follows Baldasar, a young Italian boy, as he journeys through Italy in the Middle Ages.


Hunted by the death of his parents from an unknown illness, Baldasar becomes an outcast and finds solace in the companionship of a traveling thief.

Together, they try to survive the unforgiving land populated with diseases, bandits and death.

A game of morality.

In addition to managing your health, injuries, malaise and infections, the game establishes it’s own morality landscape where the player has to make difficult choices.

Each Moral Choice impact the story line and how other characters view you.


the game is designed to offer maximum replay-ability and multiple gaming style can lead to many different outcomes.

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